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Put your feedback for FNF16 here! Thank you!
please put your feedback on FNF 16 not here, but in:
Put your feedback for FNF15 here!
- well organised, happy to come back
- lots of interesting workshops and talks
- will see if we can geet moderation for next year
- if change: more time slots, less individual and parallel sessions
- no protest at the same time
- sceptical about moderation
- glad to have been here
- too short
- lots of time lost when waiting for people to join the sessions, keep an eye on schedule
- mixed lengths for the sessions
- not start with a plenary in the morning
- ideas for imrprovement: would like to have a clear indication of formate (talk, workshop, discussion etc)
- meeting people, knowledge exchange
- breaks between sessions, to change rooms +1
- contacts with other countries
- achieve more with the time next year
- divide topics and indicate: european topics and national level exchange
- no documentation for sessions (pad etc), many sessions in parallel
- put your notes in the wiki!!!
- how politics in Brussels works
- problems with schedule: chaotic and shifted sessions +1
- prepare pads in advance for sessions
- chaotic/open is normal for barcamp
- likes how people immediately start working on topics, dynamic
- Club Mate!
- thanks to organisers, to participants
- cafeteria but also good to have food
- Practical stuff: get a microphone for plenary +1
- schedule does not need to be chaotic for flexibility
- we could have had more sessions, e.g. after 18:30
- continue to work also later at night
- name tags +11
- introduction round should be repeated for latecomers -1
- let's do it again
- shorter plenaries?
- in plenaries, mention who you are when speaking
- networking, good to meet many privacy-aware people
- lack of support for preperation team, if you want to attend, really try to participate
- let's try to estimate attendance for sessions in order to find the right room
- let's try to invite people from more countries
- less stressful than last year for organisation
- happy that new faces +1
- liked the chaotic structure
- good to see that new people committed to help organise the next FNF
- subscribe to the mailing list in order to support the next event –
- document for people who cannot attend in person
- thanks to organizers, contributors & everyone else! it was my first time and a great experience
- pls organize cleaning of toilets + more paper next time
- pls share presentations